The Success of Insurance Agent Is Determined by…..

You heard a lot of success stories from insurance agent, but are still afraid of trying?


You heard more people who fail in this business than those who succeed, so you won’t be an insurance agent?

Well, always remember that failure is just the part of your struggle to be successful. If you want something, do something to make it real. For instance, if you really want to be one of those successful insurance agent who can get much commission and make million dollars, just keep in mind four factors that determine the success below:insurance agent

Mastery of insurance

An agent is not required to have insurance or be a customer of the company. The most important thing is to master the knowledge about insurance. It’s funny how insurance sales agents cannot explain the products very well. It’s hard for potential customers to put a trust on you. Furthermore, insurance agents who lack of knowledge about insurance will look unprofessional. Thus, you need to master everything about insurance, especially the product you are selling. Don’t miss any information.

The ability to convince people

Are you good at convincing people? Do people believe in you easily? Yes, another important skill you must have is making people attracted and convinced to buy insurance. Remember, it’s not about how you convince them by giving a promise or telling all benefits. You should build their awareness about the importance of insurance and also do approaches to them and know their needs.

Teamwork skill

A great insurance agent doesn’t work alone. He or she has good teamwork skill. In fact, being an insurance agent is not gaining revenue by your own. If you want to be in the position of agency manager, you first need to be in the low position (agent). The next level are associate unit manager, unit manager, senior unit manager, and last agency manager. Of course, you have to meet the target to improve your level or position.

Discipline and consistency

Last but not least, you have to maintain your discipline and be consistent. Yes, your profession doesn’t have fixed working time, but it doesn’t mean you can work anytime you want. A successful insurance agent starts from zero, working hard all day and stick to the target. For instance, if you intend to present to 15 people a day, just do it everyday without any excuse.

You can get the real benefits of being an insurance agent or keuntungan menjadi agen asuransi by having all of four things above. Want to join now? Keep updated to instagram AgenAsuransiSukses. Do your best! Good luck everybody!

No Salary: Reason Why Insurance Agent Profession Lack of Enthusiasts

Insurance Agent

Insurance agent, one of the professions that demand minimal. Unemployment though sometimes thinks twice to menjadi agen asuransi, especially for graduates. There is no basic salary be the main reason. “Better to be employees, there is a basic salary plus works only in the office”, assuming most people.

It is true that an insurance agent does not have a basic salary, but the income from commissions that would be obtained was allegedly able to compete with the salaries of staff that have many years of work. It’s for insurance agents beginners, yet when it professional. Can exceed the salary of the manager, right?

However, the size of income is determined from the insurance agency business itself. The greater the efforts to be able to sell a lot of policies, the higher the commission that will be given insurance company that shelter. Clearly, any insurance company will give awards to each insurance agent who managed to expand the company.

Unsparing, the insurance company also will give bonuses to insurance agents who are able to sell policies with fantastic figures even always increasing each month. Shopping vouchers, electronic equipment, until the roads out of the country into a bonus that will be given an insurance company. Interesting is not it?

The question is how an insurance agent can sell a lot of policies? Sales policy actually cannot be separated from its experience. However, that does not mean the starters could not sell a lot of policies. Here are some tips that can be used to attract customers’ insurance agent that you want to buy insurance policies offered:

  • Have a license. License more than just being a license to offer insurance products to the public, the license also be a tool to improve public enthusiasm to buy insurance to insurance agents are concerned. This enthusiastic even stronger when coupled with the amount of info that mentions that a reliable insurance agent is licensed?
  • Add relations. Never tried to increase the number of relationships! Wherever they are, as much as possible to get relations. The trick? Be friendly, do not hesitate to lend a hand to anyone, and do not forget to give identification. Remember, kinship could be the basis of purchasing decisions, including the purchase of insurance policies. Do not also hesitate gabung komunitas agen asuransi sukses.

Salary indeed is a consideration when choosing a job. However, you should not give an opinion before diving itself and earn income from insurance agents. Insurance agents actually provide an opportunity to get rich quick with no payroll system is limited.

For information, please join the Prudential insurance agent. Berapa komisi agen Prudential? Prudential let’s get a commission of IDR 100 million/month in 5 years. Therefore, Prudential has a network system that is increasingly favorable for the long.


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